Thursday, 27 October 2016

Be fair to students

There is very strange phenomenon going on in education system.

And this is harming talent and future of students. The entire world is at loss.

This is about how to give admission to students in universities.

At present this is based on:

1. Score in Aptitude Test
2. Grades in High School
3. Recommendation letters
4. Essay about your self and why you wish to join this stream this university etc
5. Extra Curricular Activities

Of these the first one Aptitude Test can be seen as objective indicator of aptitude. Though no test can be so perfect to judge potential of a human brain. 

Now see the others.

Grades in High School - So if some student for any reason could not do well then that will have negative impact on his or her future. Students are made to select streams and their life is often locked into these streams.

Recommendation Letters - These are very subjective. No person has right or ability to judge another person and tell good or bad points. These can be influenced and even bought.

Essay - No everyone may be very good in expressing self. That does not mean he or she is anything less in potential to study a subject. These can be influenced by parents, teachers and others.

Extra Curricular Activities - What link this has to students potential to study a subject. If someone is not interested in music dance sports or voluntary service and wish to focus on one studies then how he or she becomes less eligible or be put at disadvantage as compared to those who are taking part in such activities. These activities are a matter of choice and should not influence a persons ability or opportunity to excel in a subject. 

So what could be the procedure for admission.

1. Till age 15 years every student must get basic education in all subjects. Extra curricular activities in schools must be optional. School time on studies and extra curricular activities must not overlap.

2. Age 15 - 17 students allowed to select stream of choice. It should not be fixed. They should be allowed to change. And this selection of stream should not be restricted to have fixed number of students in a stream. If in a school all students wish to study science, let them. During second half of this period, age 16 - 17 students should list subjects of their choice and start getting some basic information about these subjects.

3. After passing school at the age of 17 students have choice of taking Aptitude Test at any point and allowed two - three times a year. In addition there must be Subject Aptitude Test to see students latent aptitude in a subject.

4. Universities can then give admission based on these Aptitude Test. In case of tie, group of students can decide on the basis of Subject Aptitude Test for final selection. For example University A has 100 seats in Subject X and 250 students have applied then Subject Aptitude Test can help in deciding.

5. In fact Subject Aptitude Test should hold more weight in who should study what. Every student must be allowed to take Global Test on any subject. Those with high score in Subject Aptitude Test should get admission to study further.

6. Make free use of technology. Open schooling, distance education, eclasses should be promoted. Universities should rely more on objective testing before awarding degree and should not differentiate between degrees of students who took classes in person or eclasses.  

This system will help in:

- Reducing subjective bias in admission.
- Not letting any irrelevant factor affecting students future life.
- Not letting less performance at one stage blocking future chances of doing good.
- Avoiding making career mistakes.
- Not letting talents go waste stuck in wrong lines.
- Eliminating stress of admission

Let talents explore itself. World will have better light.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Are you with humanity

World is going through a decisive time. No one and no nation can sit on fence.

You can not support anti humanity activities be directly or indirectly and still hope to be seen and treated as great.

It is sad and surprising that mighty nations are extending support to terrorism, using veto power to protect terrorists. Masks are off. What can be bigger misuse of veto power. What can be more shameful that nations are protecting those who are killing innocent people. Where is the accountability of such nations?

Such nations must keep in mind how world remembers Hitler. Like people, nations too have character and those with bad character have no place in world of future. It is so unfortunate that nations which do not trust own people, have no democracy, give no freedom to own people are trying to dictate to world what should be done what not.

Those in power must understand that world is seeing a new evolution of consciousness. Bullying can not be world order, humanity will be. Bullying is abuse of power. And abuse of power is straight path to downfall and self destruction.

Time has come when nations have to shed narrow minded selfish interest. Death of every single innocent person is responsibility of world leaders. These are cold blooded murders. No nation can hide behind technicalities. Truth can never remain hidden. Either you are saving humanity or destroying it. Either you are saving human beings or killing. You can not sit on fence. Those sitting on fence are also responsible for destroying humanity as this supports bad character nations and their anti humanity deeds.

Time to decide

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Responsibility of world leaders

Every person dying or hurt due to terrorism is responsibility of world leaders. Every such death is murder, cold blooded murder. And the blame goes to world leaders who are not doing enough to stop this and those who are directly or indirectly supporting it.

How often we hear world leaders saying that they will do what is in the interest of their nation.

May be they are showing their spirit of nationalism by this. But they do not realize humanity must survive first, then nations can live peacefully.

World today is seeing conflicts because of disorder in priorities. National interests have become more important than interests of humanity. Result - we have wars, terrorism and lack of cooperation on important humanity issues like environment.

Leaders taking care of own nation is good but it should not be at the cost of human values and principles. World leaders must first accept responsibility towards humanity. Only then they can be called true leaders. If they do so, United Nations will automatically become more meaningful in solving issues faced by world. We can then create a world peaceful, safe and with better life for all.

Then why this is not so? Reason is simple. Shortsighted selfishness. Some leaders and nations believe that by acting selfish they are gaining edge over others. In fact this concept of 'we and others' is the root cause of all major problems. World has now become global and countries can not remain in such fragmented state. When humanity suffers, everyone one will suffer sooner or later. World leaders must understand and respect this. One must prove worthy of high position and power. World leaders must not let down humanity because sometimes it becomes too late to amend.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Universal Human Care

Humanity is facing a serious question.

The question of terrorism, nations in turmoil and refugees.

There are divergent views but few basic facts can not be ignored. They should not be ignored if this world is looking for a good future.

- Basic right of human beings to live a safe dignified life.
- Basic rights of citizens of every nation which get in danger due to mass migration.

Blaming each other or killing each other is not going to help. Such casual approach is putting this world in danger. We can not blame any nation or religion. We need to have more serious and deeper approach in solving the issue. To do this following should be done:

- Every nation, every region and every religion must have equal respect. Discrimination and exploitation must be stopped.

- Call for World Humanity Congress to immediately look for effective solutions.

- Every nation must be required to solve its internal problems peacefully through dialogue. Peaceful solutions towards betterment of all must be reached at. People of that nation must get due rights and representation in decision making and development.

- Root cause of terrorism must be looked at. State of injustice must be corrected. Any support and funding to terrorism must be rooted out.

- UN must make sure that there does not arise internal war like situation that leads to mass migration.

- Mass migration should be checked but in human manner. Such migrants if any must remain in migration zone temporarily till UN is able achieve peaceful condition in that nation. Such migrants must remain citizens of their own nation.

- An independent island must be developed as international migrant zone. All nations must contribute for its development. This place can have basic facilities of living. Migrants can live here till their homeland conditions become stable and then they must go back. 

- If a nation has internal conflict and is unable to control then only UN should sanction combined effort to act and attain peace. No unilateral action should be allowed. It should be the responsibility of UN to achieve peace at earliest. A democratically elected government with due representation must be put in place.

- On attaining peace, migrants must return to home land. 

World must realize that peace is the first and foremost right of every human being. We should not remain spectator and watch world slip into darkness. Let not even a single human being die or suffer.

Let humanity be.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The basis of terrorism

Everyone is shocked and sad. Anguish felt due to killing of innocent children is beyond words. When everyone is so sad and shocked than why it is so difficult to stop this?

Reason is just one word - GREED.

The basis of terrorism like other crimes is greed.

Greed of power, to control others, to control resources. 

Terrorism is not in isolation. It is very much part of whole spectrum of greed. And it takes advantage of poverty, illiteracy, misinformation, unfairness, lack of system etc. We all contribute to it. Individuals, politicians, religious heads, media and so on. For few minutes we express shock and then we again surrender to greed. And this greed is the breeding ground of all evils including terrorism.

Will there be a change or just expression of shock and move on?

Unfortunately people do not learn lessons. We keep telling others that there must be a change. All we have is utterance of few words, some knee jerk or piecemeal reactions and then back to square one. Some remedial steps are indeed taken but those are more symptomatic than curative.

So what should be done?

The question is - Are we serious???

If yes then it is not difficult. 

- Universal program and guidelines to control terrorism by UN to be followed by all nations
- Check greed and adopt fairness in day to day life
- Fairness and Justice for all in society
- Develop system and eliminate corruption
- Education, skill training and basic amenities for all
- Resolve disputes especially international disputes

The core factor is greed within our self. Are we ready to check our greed? Are we serious??

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Responsibility of humanity

Just look at the world !!!

- Genocide
- Terrorism
- Weapons of mass destruction
- Drug peddling
- Cyber crimes
- Pornography
- Human trafficking
- Extreme poverty

Can these be called internal affairs of any nation??

No. These are global issues, these are affecting entire humanity. Innocent human beings should not suffer due to greed and destructive mindset of some people.

This is time to be serious, be responsible towards humanity. Leaders of the world must stop:
- paying lip service
- making excuses
- manipulating facts
- running selfish hidden agenda

Entire world must come together. UN must play and active and stronger role. But it should not be by few select but by majority.

It is time to form Global Laws and International Defense for Humanity

- International Law for Human Security. No nation can call genocide as internal affair. International Defense must immediately take action and bring peace.
- International Law against Terrorism. This is global issue and is already damaging humanity.
- International Law for IT and Media. There must be international laws to manage internet and global media to prevent abuse of internet and media and to prevent crimes.
- International Law against drug peddling and human trafficking.
- International Law to safeguard humans against extreme poverty.

How can world sit and watch fellow human beings suffer and die. Are we not responsible towards each other and entire humanity. What right we have to be proudly called human beings. It is shameful to see some suffering to extreme and others enjoying without any concern. Human beings must understand responsibility towards each other.

Our brothers and sisters are suffering. Will we not stop this ??

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Never Give Up

A lesson for all
Life events of Abraham Lincoln are a lesson for all.
He was born into poverty.
He faced difficulties and defeat throughout his life.
He failed in business.
He lost loved one’s.
He suffered from depression.
He lost eight elections.
But ultimately rose to become one of the greatest presidents of United States of America.

Message is simple and clear.
If you have faith and you believe in yourself.  If you have a cause to pursue.  If you have a vision and a mission.
Just don’t give up.
Life will see you there. You will create destiny for yourself and others.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day

Entire world is 'celebrating' women's day. There is call for equality, stop discrimination, end abuse and violence.

But why it is so difficult? Why it is so hard to achieve?

Till women are treated as 'different', this discrimination will continue.

Humanity will succeed only when we stop referring to gender, religion, caste, color or creed.

Let human be humans, male or female should not matter.

Just take care of crime. Rest will take care of itself.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Human Pledge – The Pledge of Humanity

( A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi - A Saint for Humanity)

The purpose of life is to become a true human being. And this is the secret of happiness of individuals, society and entire world. If we look around there is enormous unhappiness. People are confused and seek happiness in pleasures like eating, traveling, sex, pornography, gambling, substance like alcohol, getting pampered in spas, TV internet and movies etc. This short term excitement results in ultimate disappointment. 

The real reason of unhappiness is deterioration of inner quality. No one can lie from self. We are all aware of what we are. We know our real stuff. Failed as human being and unhappy, people generate itch to see fault in others and create nuisance, trouble and unhappiness for others. This results in all sorts of failures, discords, conflicts and crimes. End result is the world around you.

It is becoming more and more important to save and protect human qualities. Unfortunately there are no role models today. Even the moral education in schools has become a routine. Everyone is left to ‘learn’ on own and thus fail. This can and should be avoided. 

All that is required is not to fall in trap. Understand following carefully:

-       Following the path of Righteousness is the only way to real happiness. Develop honest sense of right and wrong and limit actions based on impulses.
-       Do not let temptations overcome wisdom. Make sensible choices.
-       It is never too late. Even if you have made some mistakes, do not feel that there is no point in bringing yourself back on the path of righteousness. It will always make you better and happier.
-       Limit pleasure of senses like pleasure of food, TV and internet, sex etc.
-       Give more time to reading and learning, healthy relationships, sports and fitness, classical music dance and art, social activities and spiritual development.
-       Make the Pledge of Humanity

The Pledge of Humanity

Today is the happiest and turning point day of my life. Today I am taking pledge to become a better Human Being.

I realize that humanity is the real and only source of happiness for me and everyone. It is important for me, my family, my society, my nation and entire world. I understand that I cannot be casual as small wrong deeds will lead to bad personality and unhappiness for me and others. I accept that it is my own responsibility to learn and live a life of humanity.

Today I Pledge that -

-       I will uphold humanity within myself and in the world. I will strive to become a better human being and help others in doing so.
-       I will start and pursue the journey of humanity without any prejudice or condition.
-       I will try my best not to slip on the way but if I do, I will gather myself again, accept the slip and its consequences as another step towards humanity and restart my journey with greater courage, commitment and consistency.
-       I will not stop, give up or hesitate in becoming a better human being due to reason like selfish interest, impulsiveness, carelessness, laziness, greed, fear or any other apparent or ulterior motive.
-       I take responsibility of my acts of commission and omission. I will refrain from rationalizing and justifying my motives and behavior.
-       I will treat all human beings as one and I will treat them with equality, fairness, respect, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and love.
-       I will strive for and practice peace, non violence, truth, honesty and justice in my thoughts, speech and deeds.
-       I will control my desires, lust, anger, hatred, revengefulness, greed, jealousy and possessiveness.
-       I will promote cooperation and healthy competition as agents of growth and development.
-       I will promote self growth through commitment, dedication, courage, knowledge, humbleness, purity, contentment and endurance.
-       I will support organization working towards betterment of humanity be it environment, wildlife, peace and harmony, security, human rights, justice, healthcare, education, poverty elimination and other aspects of human care.
-       I understand and will help others to understand that humanity can survive only if we nurture each other.
-       I will motivate others to take this pledge.

 I pledge to become a better human being and live a complete and meaningful life.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Moral Values


We Share as we care

One day I asked my mother
Why should we share?
My mom smiled and said
We share because we care

See how sharing makes life beautiful
It makes you generous and merciful
In giving lies the secret of life
What you get back is plentiful

Sharing will help you in making new friends
And they will share too as people follow trend
Sharing can make this world a happier place
No one should be deprived
We all can live in grace

Those who share are never in fear
Because your pain is shared by someone dear
Never alone are those who share
There is someone around to care



Be Human

So much unhappiness around
It’s so sad and strange
We can make a better world
Let us look for some change

Religion, Caste or Color
First thing is equality
Some rich, others may be poor
Fairness should be the quality

Hatred destroys peace
Not to hurt is our duty
Life can be beautiful
Love and kindness is the beauty

All this is possible
If enough we try
Just be sincere and honest
No need to wait or be shy